What is PUBG-CGS?
PUBG-CGS is a tool which deals with Custom Games in PUBG.
It can help you to get the statistics from the Custom Games you have been participated in in a beautiful way - just try it!

Is that all?

NO! The reason behind PUBG CGS was not just to display the statistics of custom games. It should help communities to get the results of their organized custom game events like Community Cups, Tournaments or Fun Games.
We want to help you to get rid of using boring google tables or similar to get your results. But that's not all. We will provide data from pubg as your community will like it. So just create the tournament you'll like and try it on your next community event!

Furthermore our journey is not at the end. We want to extend and develop more features that help you to do whatever you expect about PUBG custom games. So if you are interested in what we are planning to do or what awesome new features had made it into the tool - just follow us on twitter! Do you have some crazy ideas that you would be excited about but you don’t want to handle the development for such features by yourself? Feel free to contact us via mail, twitter or discord. We are interested in your ideas and will see if we are able to satisfy your needs.

We are sure you will like it!

Player search

Search for any Player who was participating in the game you expect to analyze.
You will get the last (max. 40) custom games the player has participated in. Be aware that the PUBG Corp. API does not deliver matches older than 14 days. And you need to take care of the spelling of the username. Care about case sensitivity!


Events are either officially hosted events e.g. by the PUBG corp. or they're hosted on LAN servers. You can find them under the „Events“ menu in the navigation.


Tournaments is the point where the magic happens. Getting data just of single match isn't that exiting, right?
You are able to combine various match results into a tournament. Just give it a try by hitting the + Button in the player search results!

You'd like to setup the tournament frame before the event even started?
Wonderful! Use the create function on the top of the page.
You have an own scoring table for resolving points based on kills or placement?
Great! Edit the scoring table on the tournaments page.

And what happens when i do that?
Take a closer look in the already existing tournaments and we are sure that you are happy about how handsome your tournament standings could be.

Are there any restrictions?
Overall, no. But here is an important hint - if you are organizing an event using custom games in pubg and you'd like to analyse the games in combination later on. You should be sure that the players/teams are using the same slot in the lobby in all games. Otherwise the points will not be applied to the right player/teams in the summary.

And last question, why do you need my email address for creating an event?
We are open minded and our goal was to have as less fences to use our service as possible. But the internet is full of spambots, hackers and people who are just happy if they can stress other people. That's why we decided to collect at least an email address. That is all you need to use our service properly. If you create a tournament and you forget about the edit secret (edit-key?) you can just take a look into your mailbox and get access again. Also we can keep our event list clean and we will delete tournaments with strange names, urls or without any data from time to time. We promise that we don’t give the address to third parties or use them for any mailing activity. Also it is shown nowhere at the site.
Who we are?
Just some developers that love PUBG and modern web development technologies. (Discord: DerCrashi#0001 and UnclePapi#3345)
How It Works?
We are using the official PUBG API. This API is officially provided and maintained by the PUBG Corp. Any data you will find on our page is delivered by PUBG itself. We are appreciated that PUBG offers this API to the community and we will finally try to be always up to date with the development.
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